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Walang KaParis

Réalisatrice : Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Fiction philippine - Plateforme : Prime video

Cast : Alessandra De Rossi, Empoy Marquez, Dolly De Leon

Prod : Spring Films

Avec le soutien du Crédit d’Impôt International / C2I - CNC

Synopsis :

Jojo, a Filipino artist in Paris, has had many lovers, but not one of them could fill the chasm in his life occupied by the mysterious muse of his paintings. His heart is held captive by this woman with no name, no history. Like a compass, he looks for her in every girl he meets, hoping she’d be “the one”. One day, a woman named Marie walks up to him and claims to be the subject in his paintings.

International trailer of "Walang Kamaris"

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